All the gigs of the year have been played so far and it’s time to take a creative break. It’s been an amazing year of interesting party collaborations with other Finnish hardcore crews and Acidcorefest from Russia and spreading shamancore to the Finnish psytrance and experimental techno scenes as well as to the core scene in Leipzig Germany for the first time. There are also some interesting party related plans for 2018, which I will announce later. The 2nd half of the year has been crazy busy since I started my tv/film studies, so I actually haven’t had that much time just to create music, but my next ep, Positive Phuture Timeline, is almost ready to be released once the mastering and cover art are finalized. The intention has been set for a 2017 release.

In other news, I created an Instagram account where I will post gig, release and shamancore soul landscape related stuff:
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