Hello folks visiting my page, hope you are in a safe place and healthy. In this post are a few updates concerning an interview I did and about this current situation worldwide.

Interview on Folklorist On The Road blog

Dalva Lamminmäki asked me for an interview for her Folklorist On The Road blog. Her work is about Finno-Ugric shamanism, Finnish folklore and mythology and related things, so if you find these topics interesting make sure to check out her research and music!

Read the interview here:

Some of the topics discussed in the interview:
– Combining traditional music with hardcore techno
– How the ‘Luonnon Nostatus’ song and music video came to be
– Meanings behind the lyrics and video
– Rhythm and shaking
– Parties in forests
– Improvisation and ritual

Current situation

I have been studying from home for a few weeks now and have been healthy so far. We have access to nature and we’re not in total quarantine indoors, so that has helped a lot. While not having to use public transport has freed up some time, the amount of time working, reading and writing on the computer has increased too, which has been a bit challenging for focusing on creative things, though not impossible. New things coming, sooner or later.

2 of my upcoming dj gigs have been moved to later. Next week we were supposed to organize MyrrysDimensio in Tampere, but that will be postponed to autumn. Also in May, I was supposed to play at Hyrylä Hardcore Gathering, but that has now been moved to 6th of June. We’ll see how the situation develops.

Inspired by the new GOOD MORNING GABBA Facebook group I made a little video post there on 1st of April:

Track ID: VV SECT – Heartland Funnel
This time the track was actually not by your usual shamancore suspects, check out VV SECT! https://vvsect.bandcamp.com

We’re living quite historical times right now and there are many theories going around on what is happening behind the scenes globally, considering the size of the measures taken. At the moment it’s too early to jump into conclusions and a bigger picture may unfold in the future, but whatever happens, we’ll come out of this stronger. Stay safe folks and get connected with your local nature if it’s possible under the current circumstances.