Sometimes I feel like all the updates and promoting music and events online are taking too much time from creative processes. I totally forgot to announce here that we did a collaboration party with Acidcorecrew here in Tampere on 1st of July. The party exceeded all expectations! Below is the recording of my dj set.

So, what’s up next? On the weekend of 25-27 August I’ve been booked to play as Teknoaidi and Avaruusveli at the MM4Afterparty (MyskiMayhem Goes Överi) underground party, which is in countryside somewhere near Kotka (Finland). It’s mainly a psytrance party, with some exceptions like me. You can e-mail me if you want to get invited! I also have some upcoming dates for Germany in September and November, stay tuned for more info!

In more personal news, I’m happy to announce that I got accepted in the local polytechnical university for media (tv/movies) studies, my emphasis being in sound design! I have yet to see how this will affect my musical output timewise. One thing that’s for sure though is that I will get to develop my sound skills further in a professional environment and I also intend to level up in making documentaries.

Lastly, here is the recording of my special #psychedelic #russian #core dj set from last Saturday:


01. Aleksandr Zatsepin – Тайна Третьей Планеты – The Journey Begins []

02. Vinniamin – Ручные Грибы 2 [Acidsamovar Records]

03. Basil – Oioioi [Flurokarma]

04. Harhor – Kura Dura [Greasp Community Digital Label]

05. Neuromancer – Goatia [Greasp Community Digital Label]

06. Liquid Blasted – Hyperphonic [Noistorm]

07. Liquid Blasted – This Factory [Deathchant]

08. Vinniamin – Травма Копчика [Acidsamovar Records]

09. Inshizzo – Chtototam [Acidsamovar Records]

10. Inshizzo – Brain Creator [Acidsamovar Records]

11. MushroomMC & Brainfilter – Rolls Back [Acidsamovar Records]

12. Neuromancer & Le Gawrique – Nefureitu [Moscow Speedcore Scum]

13. Neuromancer – Nefertiti [Moscow Speedcore Scum]

14. Neuromancer – Core-bin-a [Moscow Speedcore Scum]

15. Некто Канэкта – К Началу Мира (Вступление) [RAP-A-NET]


17. Basil – Speedcodelica [Moscow Speedcore Scum]

18. Neuromancer & Le Gawrique – Прыг Скок [Acidsamovar Records]

19. Aleksandr Zatsepin – Тайна Третьей Планеты – Main Title []