Today we have released a new free compilation “Sounds from the Finnish Hardcore Techno Vol. 2” on Kovaydin.NET netlabel! It contains a new track “Tähtitarhojen Taipaleella” by me as well as a Hiiden Virren Vinguttajat jam called “Hiidenlöyly”. Other artists on this compilation are Talman, Skelic, Uniqu, Junglist Vampire, Tusk Mite, Iconobreaker, DoomsDay Sounds, Lizard Drum, SatanoiD, AM/PM Programme and Valovoima.

Tähtitarhojen Taipaleella = on the path of the star gardens

In this track I tried 5/4 melodies and rhythms, a structure used in Finnish epic poetry (popularized by the book Kalevala).

Link to the compilation (.mp3/.flac downloads): kovaydin.net/v3/?page_id=2334